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where a firefighter was is shot during a medical call. why police have not arrested the shooter. and the bay area on alert after california man sudden death for meningitis. the steps being taken we'll have details on the winds coming up. we've got slow traffic at the bay bridge where there's still a high wind advisory details in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone comes after sunday, doesn't it. >> and i'm elizabeth. michelle has this monday morning off. time now is 6:00. >> we begin with breaking news in san jose. the sheriff deputies are on the scene of a stabbing.
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firefighters came under fire earlier this morning. >> that's in that kpx5 reporter. she's in berkeley where the suspect is actually an 88-year- old man. she joins us with more on that story, good morning. >> good morning the shooting happened in this home behind me on the 1200 block in berkeley were a couple of blocks away. firefighters were called just after 1:30 this morning about a medical emergency. when they arrived an 88-year- old man inside started firing shots at them. one firefighter was hit he was grazed by a lull bet and he was treated on scene and okay. dead not actually have to go to the hospital. the rest were able to escape the home uninjured the shooter has not been arrested at least
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not yet. instead he's at the spital being evaluated. police say at this point they're trying to determine if he has these sort of mental issues or if he has in fact lured firefighters to his home. >> it is unusual to have this level of violence towards, you know, a firefighter. obviously there's a concern there was this intention or not that will be part of the investigation. we're also interviewing the other firefighters. there was one other woman living inside of the home who was also there at the time she was not hurt. live in berkeley. alisa harrington kpix5. >> how about the firefighter. how is he doing. >> well know he suffered some minor injuries he was grazed by the bullet. the bullet was launched inside of him. he did not have to go to the hospital he was treated by his fellow firefighters and paramedics cae
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in the first place. >> thanks. >> if you are driving over a bay area bridge this morning, be prepared for high winds with gusts of up to 45 miles an hour. wind yesterday. look at that even higher in some places reaching 50 miles per hour. clear signs of the power of the wind along the beach. along the battled highway, visitors were blasted by sinking sand. one driver found his car being consumed by the beach. the road is closed between lincoln boulevard and public works crews they won't begin the clean up until the wind stops.
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it's going to be just enough to ramp up the winds once again so that wind advisory the strongest gusts are right along the gulf coast gusting too 45 miles per hour we could see some trees come down. maybe powerlines could be a problem. be prepared for that. temperatures all around the bay area now in the 40s. a little chilly to start with this morning by the afternoon it will be cool windy towards the coast. >> we're watching the sanramone valley where there is an accident right now along southbound 680. the traffic is backed from sick moore valley road. plan on taking the 580
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commute. avthe pass approaching the 101 as it heads through and peninsula. th be trouble free. westbound 580 are the headlights that's leaving liver moore, again, approaching the dublin interchange. the bay bridge commute westbound traffic beginning to stack up you're looking at the delays extending to the cash paying lane. no delays so far reported that's a look at the monday drive right here very quickly the bridge westbound traffic looking good at the plaza. >> okay. they are now all facing felony charges. a candlelight vigil is planned in andre pots memory this
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coming friday. it will be over at saratoga high school. it begins at 8:00 at night. her parents announced the vigil on the foundation facebook page and said there will be nor details coming up later this week. >> 16 people were injured saturday when a bus rolled down on highway 41 about 6 miles off the park's entrance. investigators say there's no indication alcohol was involved. the bus is operated by 7 happiness tour in charter which specializes in tours for
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chinese americans. mass died in sacramento despite showing improvement. >> for directing antigay slur at an opponent at last night's game inportland oregons comment exchanged words with the middle fielder, will johnson. the comment was not heard but many viewers were able to read his lips. the statement from gordon reads in part, the language i used came during a heated moment and does not reflect my feelings towards gay and less bee yes or
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no community. >> bacterial meningitis has died. gay men like jason they say they're looking for the vaccine. >> i mean, it's a huge disease. >> pharmacies like this wall greens at 18th say they were ordered the vaccine after getting a few requests today. in west hollywood the aids health care foundation will offer free vaccinations starting monday. it's warning sexually active gay men to be ware of the potentially deadly illness. >> i think more than anything you don't want this to become the perfect storm. >> tests are being done to figure out if it's the same one that killed 7 of 22 people effected in new york city.
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what's scary is how quickly the west hollywood man died. >> i just saw him a week ago on santa monica boulevard. he looked robust and healthy. within a matter of 5 days he was in a coma. >> if it can spread in new york city, it can spread. >> the man who died intended a white party an annual gathering of gay men in palm springs 2 weeks ago. no new cases were reported some tell us they wouldn't know if they had it. >> -- one gay man who wants to remain anonymous advices taking other precautions. >> it's about being faithful. >> health officials say bacterial meningitis is spread by sex or other throat secretions but not casual contact. doctors say it's treatable with antibiotics. symptoms include headache, high fever, vomiting and stiff neck, kpix. and if you don't insurance to0. accine could cost yo
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> secrary of stjohn ke surrounding north korea. north cethe countrundefore he met with japanese prime minister. he said the u.s. and japan are hoping to open negotiations with north koa to deescalate tension in that region. north korea must take meaningful steps to show that it will honor commitments it has already made and it has to observe laws in the norms of international behavior. north korean state tv dismissed offer to interpeace talks to crafty. hue go chavez's successor has won the election. nicholas has been a challenger. he was his vice president and
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has been running the country since the late president's death death. he won with slightly more than 50 of the votes he won't accept the election votes without a recount. >> a big issue in the senate this week ongun control, specifically bipartisan proposal to extend background checks for people that are buying guns. insiders say this week is expected it's too close to call. sarasota republican john mccain for one says a lot more needs to be done in the area of mental health. this point only 3 republican senators are expected to vote for that compromise bill. and time now is 6:11. we've got a bright side today. we found it. it's the freebie that you can score today. bay area city hits the hiring jackpot with hundreds of new jobs why a casino is catch 22 for the neighborhood. and check this out, wages on it.
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iendon't showgorilla >> how about the traffic. >> how about. good morning, everyone, we're going to talk about the commute and an accident which is delaying traffic along 680 in the valley. this five car pile up blocking one lane and you can see the yellow sensors there. right now traffic is backed up from beyond sick moore valley road good area to avoid it certainly slow going there. 880 and the south bay that is free and clear. you can see lots of room between the headlights moving at the speed limit approaching 237. now the bay bridge commute it's stacking up at the toll plaza. traffic is backed up at the crossing the good news is once you're on the bridge traffic is doing okay. we do still have wind advisories in place for many bay area bridges including the bridge where westbound traffic wide open. you may see some slowing this morning approaching the high- rise section and over at the golden gate, that has been
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trouble free, still no big problems to report getting into san francisco once in the city remember because of blowing sand, great highway shutdown once again between lincoln, that's a look at the monday commute. >> over night, scattered live showers with big stories today will be the wind. it's going to be whipping around the bay area once again. outside just breezy as you approach the coastline otherwise it looks like this afternoon those winds are really going to start to ramp up and you're going to expect blowing sand out towards the beaches. as we head towards the rest of the week winds are calm down and we'll see gradual. it has to do with high and low pressure, this low is going to kick jobs the east of us and that's going to help the wind whip up a little bit today, wind advisory go into effect at 11:00 today and continuing into tonight. you'll see the wind out towards the coastline especially see all of the reds and orange some very strong winds sustained at over 30 miles per hour some of
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those gusts possible at 45. around the scene we're looking at 60 to 70s, a couple of showers out on the high country, otherwise we're going dry here locally. temperatures are going to be running cool. 50s, windy out towards the coastline that blowing sand. maybe some mid-60s, still breezy but you'll probably see pretty good winds, windy san francisco. next couple of days, well, tomorrow probably breeze but mostly sunny. as we get wednesday, thursday, friday, high pressure begins to build back into the bay ar wind will calm down by next weekend looking like a good one maybe some of those temperatures in the 80s but today you could again see some powerlines, maybe trees coming down with winds whipping up. >> they're no fun. they're so like. >> annoying. >> annoying. >> yes, they are. >> that works today. >> all right. thanks. hundreds of new jobs are opening up in rth
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today, construction crews have been working for months at the resort and casino. well, today the casino starts taking applications for new employees and expect to hire about 2,000 people. they're going to be quite a number of jobs and the potential is that there will also be a need for housing and services for these people who will be living here and hopefully a lot of them will be living in the park. $850 million casino expected to be open later this year. people all across the country that's spinning the past few days working on their taxes what a fun weekend, right if you can't make today's deadline you can file for extension request. that doesn't delay payment if you owe the feds money. you still have to estimate what you think you owe them and pay that amount. the avenue refund, by the way is around -- average refund by the way is around 2800 bucks. to make the tax man's visit a little more tolerable.
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chilly's is offering a free dessert or appetizer until april 20th. office depot offering up to five pound of shredding for free through may 1st. hydro massage is offering free massages until april 19th april 19th. my guess means that you owe money. >> they've had it rough. >> been a long couple of months. 6:20, coming up a wild come back for the giants and chicago. >> they're hot again. what adam scott at the masters that no one has ever done before. first count down opening day here is a look at the new bay bridge. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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hunter pence had the big hit came with the giants down o run, with two out in the ni here we go yeah a little drama at rigly hunter said big hit came with the dryer one run two runs in the 9th and here we go. >> high and deep in the left center field back it is, it is out of here. en to seven in ten innings.. >> protocol that game at 7 and a bark in a tenth and they went on to beat the cubs 10-7 and up
6:25 am
today milwaukee. let's go to oakland as hosting the red hot detroit tigers they ported on the as. a starter parker didn't have a good day. he gave up 8 earned runs and 3 and third inning. tiger all over oakland, they still had the best record in the american league. houston coming to town tonight that. 's good news. -- with houston coming to town tonight. that's good news. a life changer. in a big way play of the day of course from the master adam scott's winning putt on the second playoff he just gave a hug. the former champ. scott's first ever win at major tournament got the green jacket and he is the first australian ever to win the masters greg norman came in second.
6:26 am
green jacket sweep redemption for that man you may recall he blew a league last year. he bogeyed the last four holes got criticized for that. another australian finished two strokes behind him. mark leash man and tiger woods tied for fourth. a lot of great stuff right here. >> scott looks good in green. then again he would look good in red. >> 32 and available. it is 6:26 coming up a close call for young bay area boy. how he suffered a heart at plin plus path to citizep, the immigration bill that's gaining a lot of support in the senate. and we're following a bizarre story out of berkeley, firefighters at a medical call were shot at by the man they were trying to help. few showers over night, the wind going to be the big weather story for today and that will be at the game too if you want to as ea
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wenger. michelle has the morning off. good morning, it is monday, april 15th, michelle has this morning off. >> hi everyone i'm frank, it is 6:30. we begin with developing news down in san jose. sheriff's deputies are investigating a stabbing in the area of serran know avenue. residents reported shots fired around 3:00 this morning when deputies got there they discovered a man with stab wound behind his ear. no shooting victims were found.
6:31 am
all three men have heavy tattoos possible sign of gang involvement. we get more information, we will pass it along. you can add to hazards of being a firefighter the possibility of getting shot. >> kind of a crazy story. kpix reporter alisa with more on this developing news from berkeley where firefighters came under fire early this morning. good morning alisa. >> good morning, certainly a bizarre story out of berkeley and it all went down inside of this house behind me on the 1200 block of dwight, we're a couple of blocks away. >> reporter: this happened just after 1:30 firefighters were called to the scene about medical emergency. when they arrived an 88-year- old man started firing at firefighters and paramedics. they called police for back up and were told then that shots were being fired. >> while they were inside they did report that, you know, they were being shot at and so we responded, you know, as quickly as could to assist them an
6:32 am
thanly it s only minor injuries. wahi grazed bybullet. he did not have to go to the hospital and will be okay. the shootes also taken to a ho evaluated, even though police know who he they have not made any arrests and said they say that he's going to be evaluated and they'll decide what to do next. live in berkeley, alisa. >> thanks, and this suspect has not been arrested. he's currently being evaluated. police are trying to determine if he has mental health shoes and whether he may have lured firefighters to the home. meanwhile police are looking for hit-and-run driver after officer was hit by a car downtown last night. investigators say a man leafing a concert -- leaving a concert found a man in his car in a parking lot. the suspect then got into another car and sped off hitting an officer nearby. the officer's injuries are not
6:33 am
considered serious. high wind advisories in effect today about 9:00 tonight on the bridges. along the battered gray highway at great visitors yesterday were blasted by stinging sand. one driver found his car being consumed by all of the beach sand there it is there. the road is closed between float and lincoln boulevard. and conditions are hazardous out on the water as well. national weather service has issued small craft advisory at least until 9:00. the birds had a little trouble out there. that covers waters between by john point. gail warning also in effect until at least mid-afternoon. you know, the segals are having trouble. >> that can sting and do damage to your car. >> it's hard to close the door sometimes. >> not a real good beach day today. the winds are going to be whipping outside again. weak cold front into the bay area over night. brought a few scattered light showers.
6:34 am
i think the main story today will be the winds once again as we head in towards the afternoon. wind advisory going up today. the gusting winds expected to gust 45 out towards the coastline and over the mountain tops sustained 20 to 30 miles per hour. so, yeah, it's going to blow pretty strongly here be careful if you're driving a truck or high profile vehicle. out over the bay temperatures little chilly. winds are on the breezy side. those winds are going to be picking up towards the afternoon. highs only in the 50s with gusty wind, 60s elsewhere and inside the bay. let's check on the roadways there. >> good morning everybody. we're doing to start off first with pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed up from the 880 over crossing and just a few minutes ago still keep in mind you're going to feel the wind as you make your away cross bay area bridges. 880 as it rolls on through the
6:35 am
area. no big lays. you'll see delays this ing the path alg u're going to be hitting the breaks west 580 through the liver moore valley. now better news for 680, we've been watching that accident. it is in the clearing stages, still slow traffic for southbound 680 approaching crow canyon road. silicon valley trouble free, traffic light for both 880 and 237. we've got some new details this morning about the teen who took her own life after allegedly being sexually assaulted by 3 classmates. the parents, 15-year-old audrey pots planned to hold a news conference this morning to talk about the case and announce a lawsuit. the boys arrested last week had been cited last fall for misdemeanor battery. they are now facing felony charges. contract talks are not going well between teachers and the fremont unified school district. the radio joins us now from san
6:36 am
jose high school in fremont where a demonstration planned this morning looks like it's already started good morning matt. >> they just arrived here a few minutes ago. >> reporter: they're preparing to pass out leaflet it is to parents as they're dropping off their kids for school this morning. it's about a dozen or so who'ved earlier. this is earlier than most parents arrive. the issue here is contract negotiations with the fremont unified school district. they're at an impasse. they've been that way over a month or so. it seems to be a couple of sticky points. joining us live this morning is with the teacher's association thanks for talking with us this morning. we understand the main sticking points seem to be over raises and class sizes. what can you tell us about that. >> well, basically, we haven't had an increase since 2007 and 2008 and we have been very generous and giving up money from our own pockets.
6:37 am
we've taken over 12 furlough days which is much more than many people in our area and we've also given up class size and we think that with the proposition 30 that the district has more wiggle room. they have over 10% reserve that they built on the money that we gave up and the money that they took from our working conditions and we believe that they can do better. that we shouldn't have to choose between class size and raises. >> reporter: we understand that teachers will be in all campuses in fremont today. >> teachers will be out this morning at all 42 campuses they may be out there after school onsed onhow supplies last. ng >> reporter: according to the district, the administration is also pushing for smaller class sizes, for example, kindergarten, the district wants about 28 students per
6:38 am
e teachewants 24. a ing with atme isscheduled later today. so tre there. so far no talk of a strike. live in fremont matt for kpix5. >> thanks matt. an 8-year-old boy is recovering after he suffered cardiac arrests while playing baseball up north. it happened saturday during a cal rip ken little league game at the vista park. witnesses say the boy got hit in the chest by a pitch and collapsed after taking just a couple of steps towards first base. two off duty paramedics used portable defibrillator and cpr to get his heartbeating once again. the boy was eventually air lifted to children's hospital down here in oakland. 16 people are recovering from injuries after a tour bus crashed. they say the bus was speeding saturday when it rolled down an embankment off highway 41 about 6 miles across the park's south
6:39 am
alcohol does not appear to be a factor. the bus is operated by the 7 happiness tour and charter which specializes in tours for chinese americans. meanwhile today's the transport ministry set the jet stuck will now have to be cut into pieces. the original plan the boeing 737 which slammed into the water just short of the runway on saturday, but officials now say it's too heavy it must be cut into several parts. to prevent damage to the reefs in that area. making it unsteady, thankfully all 108 people on board survived. 6:39 now. a bipartisan group of u.s. senators is expected to introduce immigration over haul package sometimes tomorrow. now florida republican marco rubio is among the so-called gang of 8 which has been working on the proposal. the plan has said to include increased border security as
6:40 am
we as pathto citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. they'll have to come forward and pass a rigorous background check of their criminals that won't qualify. although they pass that background check, they'll be given the opportunity to pay an application fee and fine and in return for that they'll get a worker permit that will allow them to stay in the u.s., work travel and pay taxes. >> rubio says he considers the proposal at least a starting point. >> and this morning the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether human jeans can be patented it's a case that could have a big impact on research. and bio tech researchers say such patents are essential in order to invest money in experimentation. but opponents led by the bay area breast cancer action say the patents could slow down research altogether. they say othector develop test or therapy using
6:41 am
time now is . we've got some bieber backlash this morning. the pop start taking heat over comments about ann frank. >> and unhappy fan, a little boy is unimpressed when he gets a gift foul ball. what does he do with you? that should give you a clue. market just opened about 10 minutes ago let's take a quick check on the early numbers. kind of a rough start on this monday morning. dow is down about 50 points. we'll get an update of the financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
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kaiser permanente. thrive.
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inspections of more than a thousand boeing 737s... bec of concerns about a potenti faulty part. the focus is on so-called "tail plane fi pi for the because of concerns about a potentially faulty part, the
6:45 am
focus is on so-called tail plane fixing pins which are crucial for the aircraft horizontal stabilizer. the faa is asking airlines to replace the pins following concerns over how they're protective coating was applied. woman is dead and man is missing after separate avalanches in the state of washington. >> both avalanches happened yesterday in the snoqualmie pass area. the woman had been hiking with her dog and a group of dozen other people when the avalanche hit. missing man was swept away by another avalanche. >> it carried him about 1279 feet at about 53 miles an hour. >> he was moving. the search for the missing man has been suspended indeft nitly due to -- indefinitely weather conditions. >> we've got a little bit of wind. >> we had light showers over night. those have sense tapered off. the winds that will be the major weather story for the day
6:46 am
as we're going to see gusty winds returning especially near the coastline and over the mountain tops. if you're headed out the door this morning it's a little chilly to begin with. we do have a breeze already blowing especially through some of the mountain gaps. as we head through the afternoon. we'll see plenty of sunshine by the winds are going to be wrapping up and then later this week the winds start to calm down and see gradual warming trend. low pressure kicking east lying down right over the top and that's going to help bring the pressure that difference into pressure between high and low pressure. we'll see strong gusty winds, wind advisory going up, strongest winds expected be near thcoastline. showing you the wind picking up towards the afternoon, see a lot of red and even some few sha and purple here along the coastline those are wind 30 and 40 miles an hour sustained. it is going to be blustery day outside no getting around that was blowing sand. sunny windy at sfo no delays there just yet. around the country 88 degrees
6:47 am
in houston showers and possibility of thunderstorms in chicago could cause some problems. around the bay today we'll see 50s towards the coastline. 60s inside the bay. mid-60s warmest spot. windy as you approach the golden gate only about 58 degrees. next couple of days winds beginning to calm down by wednesday we're looking good. by next weekend we could see temperatures in the 80s. let's check the roadways out. >> we've got slow traffic in the usual places especially over at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed up at the 880 crossing. you pay your money after sitting in all that traffic and traffic does okay. it does loosen up across the upper deck approaching treasure island. no delays for any san francisco freeways as of yet. if you're headed towards the bridge it is very windy out. high wind advisory in dunn martin bridges no traffic delays to report at the bridge pay gate. the rest of the commute over leaving the county heading
6:48 am
towards san francisco. that's trouble free at the golden gate bridge. once in the city just remember great highways close because of blowing sand still shutdown. all right, here is the slow traffic westbound highway 4 heavy leaving the antioch area towards pittsburgh. it's also going to be slow commute for southbound 680 that's been a tough one. we've had a couple of accidents this morning through the sanramone valley. it's going to be slow leaving walnut creek in patches through the danville area. and 882 interchange you'll see some heavy traffic approaching 237. that's a look at the monday commute. expect more lane closures and detours in the coming days weeks and months. as work progresses on the bart rail extension to san jose. starting today in north san jose will be partially closed. future work will effect traffic on other busy streets like dixon and capitol expressways. the first leg of e extension
6:49 am
from fremont to san jose area is scheduled to open in 2018. well, colorado company hopes to out bid a japanese firm for sprint nextel. >> and for a lot of money here to chat about that and all things business kts radio jason brooks on a monday good morning. >> good morning frank. good morning elizabeth dish network throwing a pretty big price tag out there. superior to competing offe is pan omsoft bank of about $20 billion. soft bank offer would purchase foreign acquisition by japanese company. this is causing all sorts of excitement. it's behind at&t verizon. it's up about 18%. we'll see how all of this plays out. price of gold has tumbled over the past tumble -- couple of
6:50 am
sessions. dropped below $1,500 since ju of 2011. this morning it'sdown another $94 just above $1,400 now. a couple of reasons for that. china's economy in the first quarter not growing as fast as expected still pretty hot at 7.7%. a lot of demand for gold and other precious metals coming out of china and inflation in the u.s. remains very tame on friday we saw that wholesale down .6 gold has a hedge against inflation not much worry. the market is slipping in the early going on the chinese economic data dow dropping 93 points. nasdaq off by 23. s&p lowered by 12 points frank and elizabeth back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you, jason. it is 6:50 now. the world's largest custom manufacture of electronics has resumed hiring. sources telling the wall street journal the company is preparing to make a new iphone
6:51 am
fosed apple, of course has created controversy in the past of working conditions at facilities in china. speaking of iphones we'll like to show you the most expensive iphone ever. there it is. a diamond and golden crusted handset that includes a hidden black diamond, the black diamond iphone 5 was designed exclusively for a hong kong businessman who has a lot of money. it includes 600 flewless white diamond solid gold dressing which appropriately has 53 diamonds. the new iphone from wireless carrier will run you about 200 bucks this one is $15 million that gentleman wanted to buy one, for the 15 million he would have gotten 75,000. >> it's too fancy to talk on. >> what if you lose it. all right, time now for a look at what's coming up a little later on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us fresh off of a weekend of watching a whole lot of golf. >> hey, frank you've got that right.
6:52 am
goorfrank and elizabeth. tensions are high over possible mission launch as celebrates the birth of its founder. margaret has interview with secretary of state plus a brand new airliner lands in the ocean. it snaps in half and everyone survives. we'll ask peter what may have gone right and wrong. the news is back in the morning, we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right charlie, have a good show and cbs this morning starts right here on kpix at 7:00. and we've got some more justin bieber news now he's getting heat after riding a controversial comment in a guest book. the ann frank house post s comment on facebo wch read in part ann was a girl. hopefully she would have been a blebber. so hundreds of facebook users reacted negatively. bieber has not yet respond today the comment. >> what's he 20. >> he's 19, i think. >> yeah, he's kind of a crazy life. i don't think he meant any
6:53 am
by it. all right its somethin seans hope for when they go to game. >> you want a souvenir foul ball hit your way. watch this. this happened against the coliseum. fans will catch the ball and hand it to a father. the father hands it to the kid. the kid says i don't want this baseball. or maybe i do. why did he do that? he's probably sick. but he did get some tv time. look at him there. he's like, i want that back. >> what did i do? >> that's great. >> poor kid. time now is 6:53. coming up we'll get a time check of top story. >> looking for a calm on this monday the field that's found. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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firefighters and paramedicse un nded firefighter recovering after he was grazed by a bullet while on the job, firefighters and paramedics came under fire when they responded to medical emergency on dwight wade the 88- year-old man who fired the shot is now being evaluated. investigators are trying to learn if he lured the firefighters to his home to do that. parents of audrey pot plan to talk with reporters after their daughter's suicide last september. they're expected to announce plans for a lawsuit, 3 six teen year olds who were friends of audrey were arrested last week. they're accused of sexually molesting her and displaying pictures of the attack. now, today is the deadline for filing your tax return. it's tax day. if you can't get it done today you can file for an extension request but that doesn't delay payment if you owe money you still have to estimate what you believe you owe, pay that amount and figure it out later. the average around $2,800.
6:58 am
experts advise putting the money into savings or using it to pay down debt. we all hate this day. to make the tax men, several companies are offering freebies for example chillies offering free dessert or appetizer until april 20th. home depot is offering up to 5 pounds for shredding for free. we're going to takeadvantage of this. hydro massage is offering free massages until april 19th. >> i think i would rather have the massage than the threading. >> okay. >> go home and get the hose and spray it around that will be great. >> nice. >> very relaxing. >> skies around the bay area we've got changes coming our way. skies parting now a bit. we're going to see plenty of wind that will be the major weather story throughout the day today if it looks like those winds are going to be gusting to 45 miles an hour along the coastline and over the mountain tops we could see some trees and more porles
6:59 am
coming down next couple of days thwinds start to subside. we'll see 80s by next weekend. >> we're looking at delays on san francisco. this is on the line because of police action taking place in the area of juda. no other lines effected. no delays reported for the bart system. if you plan on hopping in your car and making the bay bridge commute. traffic is backed up from the 880 over crossing more slow traffic as you approach treasure island. san francisco driving, this is it. it is wide open heading into the south and market area. >> that is naked out there. we're going to show you some video right now because simply because we can. >> that's right. >> kind of cool. >> viewer sent this video to cbs news it's hawaii mug field at the wakiki aquarium. we don't exactly know why it's like. we hope didn't eat too much beforehand. he's some kind of meditational trance. >> he's like -- now he's kind of maneuvering.
7:00 am
>> that's weary. >> mesmerize your monday. >> gorgeous. >> take care everybody. >> . good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, april 15th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." north korea's neighbors are on edge watching for missile tests on the north's biggest holiday. we'll ask secretary of state john kerry why he wants to keep talking with the regime. a brand-new 737 crash lands in the ocean. what went wrong and how did all 108 people on board survive? australia's adam scott has a very good day at the masters. he'll tell us about his dramatic win. but we begin this morning with a look at "today's opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the united states remains open to negotiations to denuclearization, but the burden

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